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Michael Shea and Claire FraserA unique duo. For the first time in its history, two alumni are chair and vice-chair on the college’s Board of Trustees. Michael Shea ’72 of Bangor, Maine, and Claire Fraser Bowen ’70 of Claremont, N.H., are Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the Board. Here they are shown at a luncheon on the day of President Lee’s inauguration.

Vincent Kloskowski

Vincent J. Kloskowski III ’95 of Brownfield, Maine, was recently appointed assistant dean at the college and director of The Academic Center. In this new position, he will develop, implement and coordinate programs and services targeted at supporting the academic success of students. He holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from Boston College and has worked at the college since 1997, most recently as dean of admissions.


New online programs in Catholic school leadership launch

In October, Saint Joseph’s announced two new online graduate programs in Catholic school leadership, consisting of a specialty within the Master of Science in Education degree and also a 4-course graduate certificate.

The 36-credit Master of Science in Education degree in Catholic school leadership combines 24 credit hours of graduate education courses and 12 credit hours of theology courses. The graduate certificate consists of 9 credit hours of graduate education courses and 3 credit hours of a theology course. Fundamental to both programs’ curriculum is a new education course, “Catholic Principal as Educational and Spiritual Leader.” This course will address administration as ministry within the Catholic school and parish communities by reflecting upon the role of the principal in establishing and maintaining Catholic spirit and excellence in education. The course focuses on spirituality of leadership, assessment, finance and development, Catholic identity and legal issues.

These master’s degree programs are designed for practitioners working within K-12 Catholic schools who want to move toward supervisory roles such as vice principal, principal, headmistress, headmaster, dean, or similar leadership positions. The new programs are also designed for current school leaders within the Catholic school system who wish to upgrade their skills or for public-sector principals who are moving into the Catholic school setting.

Similar to other courses offered in the Master of Science in Education program, all courses are offered online, every course begins once per month, and optional summer courses on campus help students accelerate their studies. Students associated with dioceses that have signed agreements with Saint Joseph’s College will receive application fee waivers along with a tuition reduction for each online course.

Maine places, Maine faces

Photojournalist and adjunct faculty member Fred Field has published a new book called Maine Places, Maine Faces, which features compelling photos that capture the beauty and spirit of Maine.

In order to showcase each part of the state, Field drove more than 20,000 miles and visited 60 different towns and cities. Besides the rocky coastline and quaint towns, Field captures the heart and soul of Maine people.

photo of Nicholson Baker by Fred Field

Photo of author Nicholson Baker by Fred Field

As former Maine governor Angus King notes in his foreword, “Field focuses his extraordinary eye on images we all know but don’t often consciously see. [His] people are an essential part of his story; often the landscapes are context for them, not the other away around. The result is one of the most interesting, moving – and, of course, beautiful – studies of Maine I have ever encountered.”

With more than 150 photos, Field highlights everything from majestic mountain views to lobstermen putting in a hard day’s work. He not only shows the beauty of the state’s landscape, but also the hidden beauty of day-to-day life.

Field teaches photojournalism in the communications department, and his work has been featured in TIME, Parade, and US News & World Report. Visit for more information.