Saint Joseph's College by the numbers


1912 Saint Joseph’s founded as women’s college
1956 Saint Joseph’s moves to Standish
1958 first capital campaign ($500,000 sought; $709,157 raised)
1970 Saint Joseph’s goes co-ed
1970 beginning of competitive athletics program
1976 Graduate & Professional Studies Program established (formerly known as the Distance Education or External Degree Program)
1987 night lighting installed at baseball field (first college in Maine to do so)
1997 first online course offered by Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS)
2002 all GPS courses offered online
2006 print GPS courses phased out


14,848 graduates to date
33% residential (campus) alumni
67% distance education alumni
2,536 alumni residing in Maine
4,762 alumni residing in New England
298 alumni couples (Congratulations!)
39 alumni events held in the past year

Academics on campus

43 undergraduate degree programs
1,062 students: 832 residential, 230 commuter
16:1 student faculty ratio
55% students on campus from Maine
23% students on campus from Massachusetts
13% students on campus from New Hampshire
66 full-time faculty
72 part-time faculty (including clinical nursing faculty)
530 classes offered in an academic year (including May session)

Service Learning
(fall semester ’08)

278 students participating
7,635 hours in service learning courses
20 service learning courses
20 community sites served

Graduate & Professional Studies online programs
(distance education)

2,432 students
28 programs offered
225 courses offered
130 faculty
49 states where students currently reside
9 countries where students reside (U.S., Canada, Egypt, Bermuda, Guinea, Haiti, Malaysia, South Korea, British West Indies)


$1.5 million energy cost budgeted 2008
425 faculty and staff computers
900 student computers
14 eco-reps from Attainable Sustainable campaign (student workers who encourage responsible energy usage among all students)


1,750 children in swim lessons this year
128 adults in aqua fitness class each week
80-81 temperature range of the pool, in degrees
5 swim teams that use pool for practice
105 miles shoreline of Sebago Lake
316 feet Sebago Lake maximum depth
73 degrees, temperature of Sebago Lake in July
32 degrees, temperature of Sebago Lake in January


15 athletic teams
47 Hall of Fame members
2,964 total wins in SJC athletics history
41 All-Americans in athletics history
235 athletes, 2007-2008 academic year


81 hours open per week
100,000 books (access to millions through interlibrary loan)
400 scholarly journals (access to thousands of online journals and newspapers)
80 online research databases
15 computer workstations
7 staff members provide service to all faculty, staff, and students worldwide


8,500 meals served weekly
112,500 meals per semester
85 gallons of ice cream enjoyed per week
80 pounds of canned tuna per week
9 gallons of ranch dressing per week
550 pounds of chicken per week
90 gallons of chocolate milk per week
380 gallons of milk per week
90 gallons of orange juice per week
1,720 pounds of food composted per week (1,000 lbs. from customers’ plates; 500 lbs. from unusable kitchen waste; 220 lbs. from spoiled food or overproduction)
150 meals per week sent to Catherine’s Cupboard Food Pantry in Standish


$10,996,478 total endowment
$5,300,735 endowment for scholarships
118 students receiving scholarships made possible by donors
$242,000 science research dollars received or pledged to faculty projects in past year
$27 million annual operating budget
$16 million annual salaries and benefits for 608 people (full- and part-time) employees nationwide
$35 million investment in past eight years in new buildings, vehicles and new academic and athletic equipment
$56 million annual economic contribution to Maine businesses
$26 million annually in personal income for 685 Mainers
$3.5 million in tax revenues for Maine state and local governments