President's letter

President James DlugosDear Saint Joseph’s Community,

In the days leading up to the September 20 Inauguration ceremonies here at Saint Joseph’s College, I experienced a great collective spirit from the entire College community. Small groups met in Xavier Hall to iron out details with the Inauguration Planning Committee; student volunteers and the coordinating staff and faculty met in classrooms to make sure that the day reflected the richness and complexity of our community; and, in a fashion that can only occur at a small, liberal arts college, we all met in Pearson’s Café to celebrate the camaraderie that has made Saint Joseph’s the welcoming and focused college it’s been for the last 100 years…and counting.

Yes, late September 2013 saw a community celebrate as only a community can: together.

I have always believed that higher education is an environment of inclusiveness. An important part of that inclusiveness is mutual appreciation facilitated by earnest, open dialogue among our colleagues.

I am most proud of the College when I hear stories of members of the community working toward a shared goal. On campus, we are blessed to be able to hear these stories every day – in the halls, from colleagues, in Pearson’s Café and walking across our beautiful  Sebago Lake campus. Needless to say, I am proud of this college every single day.

This issue of Saint Joseph’s College Magazine tells several of these amazing stories so that this good news can reach more of the Saint Joseph’s College community and so that all of our members can share in these experiences.

What follows are examples of members of the College joining forces to enhance our special place here, and by taking that personal attention we’re known for abroad. Associate professor of nursing Ruth Smillie, a Saint Joseph’s College Online alumna, takes her students to Senegal to learn how to share vital information during health assessments, an important lesson in communication; a senior criminal justice student shares his time between the military and our classrooms; Sister Mary George O’Toole ’51 collects and stores, with the touch of an artist, artifacts of the College for sharing with today’s and tomorrow’s community members; the development of a new Strategic Plan draws insights from every group of the College community; and there’s so much more.

There is always time to discuss institutional matters, but let’s all take some time to focus on the individuals that make Saint Joseph’s the wonderful place it is. After all, we are the College’s greatest assets.

James Dlugos