Faculty professional works cover the spectrum

Dr. Michael Connolly (History) published three articles: "From Callowfeenish to the Blaine House via Munjoy Hill: The Political Odyssey of Governor Joseph E. Brennan" in Iorras Aithneach 2007; "Showing More Profile Than Courage: McCarthyism in Massachusetts and the Early Career of John Fitzgerald Kennedy" in Historical Journal of Massachusetts; and "The Irish in Maine" in ABC-CLIO encyclopedia Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History.

Dr. Patricia Flynn, RSM, (Philosophy) published "Honesty and Intimacy in Kant's Duty of Friendship" in the International Philosophical Quarterly.

ice sculpture by fine arts professor Scott Fuller

Art professor Scott Fuller designed this ice sculpture lit with candles for a winter carnival in Saranac Lake, N.Y.

Scott Fuller (Art) designed a landscape sculpture titled Community Spiral in Saranac Lake, N.Y., for the community's annual winter carnival. It was built in three days with community volunteers, who also helped to light 500 candles that created a "flickering ice sculpture."

Dr. Karlee Hoecker (Psychology) presented a workshop titled "His and Hers Mental Health? A Theoretical Analysis of Gender and Mental Illness: Implications for Practitioners" at the 47th Annual Meeting of the New England Psychological Association, Danbury, Conn.

Sharon Martin (Nursing) published "Pandemic Economics: Financial Survival for Homecare Agencies in a Bird Flu Outbreak;" "Code flu: Common sense steps to the development of an agency pandemic flu plan for home care;" "Teaching evidence-based practice to undergraduate nursing students: Overcoming obstacles;" and "Infection Control Matters-Mumps Update" in a number of health care magazines.

Dr. Edward J. Rielly (English) published two books: Sitting Bull: A Biography and Old Whitman Loved Baseball and Other Baseball Poems. He contributes to Detectives in the Classroom, wrote poems for Baseball Haiku: The Best Haiku Ever Written About the Game, was among the poets whose haiku were read on the program Selected Shorts on National Public Radio, and published poetry in six literary magazines.

Dr. Janice Rey (Education) published "The Role of Teacher Educators in Preparing Teachers for a Changing Technological Environment," in the Journal of Maine Education, and "Learning and Elementary Teacher Education" in the Academic Exchange Quarterly. She also presented Pre-Service Teachers, Service Learning, and Project WET Join in Stewardship at the NEEEA Conference and The Rippling Effects of Project WET at the MSTA Annual Conference.

Dr. Daniel Sheridan (Theology) published a book, Loving God: Krsna and Christ. A Christian's Reflection on the Narada Sutras on Loving God and authored articles "The Dueling Sacred Biographies of Madhva and Sankara" and "Response to Catholic Higher Education: A Culture in Crisis by Morey and Piderit." He wrote chapters in Medici et Medicamenta: The Medicine of Penance in Late Antiquity and The Mercy Tradition of Catholic Higher Education.

Dr. Marilyn Sunderman, RSM, (Theology) presented two papers, "Life in Mercy: The Call to be Ambassadors of Reconciliation" and "Thomas Merton and the Seasons of Solitude and Love" at the annual Mercy Association in Scripture and Theology conference. These papers were published in The MAST Journal. She also presented "Called to Community: Beckoned by the Trinity" at the Pines Spirituality Center, and published "Thomas Merton on the Ethic of Nonviolence" in The MAST Journal.

Dr. Greg Teegarden (Marine Science) co-authored "Copepod feeding response to varying Alexandrium spp. cellular toxicity and cell concentration among natural plankton samples," Harmful Algae, Vol. 7 pp. 33-44.

Division of Graduate & Professional Studies

Larry O'Connell (Business) presented an economics paper titled "The Keynesian Multiplier on the Nonprofit Sector" in Madrid, Spain for the International Atlantic Economic Society.

Dr. Millicent G. Higgins (Nursing) has written book reviews for the ANA Journal and serves on its editorial board.

Nancy Kristiansen (Business) authored two articles: "Level I: Reaction" in the ASTD Workplace Learning Professional's Handbook, and "Hide and Go Seek" in the 2009 Pfeiffer Annuals. Both articles will be included in compilations of well known industry experts' contributors in the Human Resource and Training and Development fields.

Dr. Linda Mast (Nursing) presented results of a research study on use of midterm faculty feedback process to improve student outcomes at the annual Teaching Institute Conference at Robert Morris College in Chicago, Ill.

Meg Riordan (Education) published a chapter titled "Learning Communities in Practice" in Dissertation Support Groups: Building a Community of Practice Using Noddings' Ethic of Care. She presented three papers at the American Educational Research Association's Annual Conference and one to the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education's Annual Conference.

Margaret Stone (Nursing) published a nine-part professional CEU series titled "Mental Health in the Aging Population: Current Trends and Future Needs in Community and Long-Term Care Settings," which was commissioned by the Missouri League for Nursing.