Summer: Have one here

Get away from it all ... and learn by the lake (the credits don't hurt either)

by Brent Wooten and Charmaine Daniels

Summer classroomSomething magical happens here in the summer. The atmosphere is relaxed. The spirit of learning pairs with the spirit of engagement. Along with that, some extras make it even more special: delicious, fresh food (did we mention the lobster?), walking trails nearby to walk off the homemade pie, free trips off campus to L.L. Bean, lounging by the lakeside, free career workshops and our bistro night to socialize.

So mark your calendars and register now. Take advantage of these unique programs to develop your professional skills, as well as establish valuable and long-lasting relationships with faculty, fellow students, alumni and staff. And don't forget that lobster!

Summer courses

The Graduate & Professional Studies division again offers on-campus classes for adult learners and professionals.

Summer Session 1, June 22-26

In addition to the more than 20 undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the typical one-or two-week classroom setting, this summer the college is expanding the number of hybrid courses to 38. Hybrid courses allow students to interact and learn online for several weeks prior to (or after, depending on the course) meeting face-to-face for five days on campus, providing even more flexibility and enrichment.

Summer Session 2, July 13-31

This session features hybrid and two-week courses, including "Making Disciples" taught by Maine's Bishop Richard Malone, which is sure to be very popular. A new education course for teachers, "Web 2.0 in Education," is a cutting-edge course where you will learn about blogs, wikis, web sites, RSS, podcasting, VoiceThread, social networking, Moodle, chats, Google Earth, youTube, Second Life, and Web 3.0.

Workshops, institutes and conferences

Two new conferences and an interactive workshop, geared for those in health care fields and for others interested in developing their leadership potential.

Nursing and Health Care Leadership in the 21st Century," Plexus Institute & Complexity Science Course, July 12-14

The Plexus Institute is an international group doing cutting-edge work that looks at complex adaptive systems for ways to solve problems in the clinical, education and research arenas. The Institute is open to the public and may be taken independently or for non-credit CEUs only. A complexity science course taught by Drs. Margaret Hourigan, Lois Hamel and Su Sepples will be offered immediately following the institute, from July 14 to 17. This three-day course is only offered to those who have attended the institute, as the two together will constitute the full course. The full course may be taken as non-credit, undergraduate credit or graduate credit.

The Call to Heal: Finding Meaning and Purpose in the Health Care Vocation," July 19-26.

Sister Callista Roy, internationally known nursing theorist and professor at Boston College, will give the keynote speech, discussing her life, her work and spirituality in nursing. The workshop offers five days of classes with Sr. Roy, theologian Dr. Linda Rooney and GPS nursing program director Dr. Lois Hamel. It also includes a day-and-a-half retreat on the final weekend. Guest holistic practitioners will present healing arts such as Reiki, yoga and journaling. This program is available for undergraduate or graduate credit and for non-credit CEUs. Sr. Roy's keynote speech is available to the public, and the course is open to nurses, health professionals and anyone seeking to develop a sense of meaning and purpose within their work.

"Managing Health Care with Values in Turbulent Times," July 20-24

Designed specifically for health care professionals at all levels within the organization, this conference will focus on managing the business of health care while emphasizing values and integrity during unpredictable economic times. Nationally-known experts will present relevant topics, including: Trends in Paying for Care, Transformational Leadership/Values, Leading Culture Change, Values and Faith-based Health Care, Physician Relations, Health Informatics, Ethics, Quality Initiatives and Employee Development and Succession Planning. This symposium is designed for students wishing to gain academic credit or for CEUs.

Advanced Placement Summer Institute

July will be a busy time as Advanced Placement teachers throughout New England attend one of the two terms scheduled for July 20-24 and July 27-31. This popular program has expanded from 13 to 17 courses and is endorsed by the College Board and hosted by Saint Joseph's College. The institute is designed for both new and experienced AP teachers. In addition to the core courses of Environmental Science, European History, French Language, Spanish Language, Statistics, U.S. Government, U.S. History and World History, new courses this summer include Biology, Chemistry, Latin: Vergil, and Physics.

Medical Musical? Live entertainment and workshop, June 21

Too Live Nurse Comedy Dance Troupe will present a family-friendly humorous "medi-musical" that will entertain as well as educate participants on health issues. The "Too Live Nurse Medi-Musical and Active Learning Workshop" features writer/performers who are nurses. Following the show, Dr. Lois Hamel, director of the online nursing program, will present a workshop on active learning called "Out with the Humdrum, In With the Fun!" The workshop will demonstrate how creativity increases problem-solving ability and critical thinking. Topics include Dr. Hamel's research on transformational learning; a panel discussion on how this type of learning works; gaming in the classroom; and how to implement strategies in the classroom. The workshop is applicable to many disciplines and is open to all educators, not just those in the health professions. Important note: The show and workshop are required for the NU 640 Development and Planning in Nursing & Health Care Education class in Summer Session 1. There is no extra charge for these students, as it is part of their course, but NU 640 students would need to arrive on campus by 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 21. CEUs are also available for this event. for detailed schedule, registration information and pricing for all events.