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Reverse field experience

St. Joe’s students in Dr. Janice Rey’s Math Methods for the Elementary Teacher partnered with 5th graders from Lyseth School in Portland. In this reverse-field experience, the fifth graders came to campus for math instruction four times during the spring semester (and perhaps began to envision a college future). The partnership grew out of senior Susan Muzzy’s student teaching experience. She has continued at the school as a volunteer, where she teaches math to the Lyseth students in their regular classroom as part of her Honors Capstone project and her class in Exceptionality.

Community college agreement paves way for transitioning fine arts, business majors

Southern Maine Community College and Saint Joseph’s College have signed a transfer articulation agreement that will smooth the way for both art majors and business majors at the two-year school in South Portland to enroll in the four-year bachelor’s degree program at Saint Joseph’s without losing credits.

“This is a great opportunity for both schools to benefit,” says President Joe Lee. “We have small classes and attentive faculty who will work closely with students completing their bachelor’s degrees here to make sure they have what they need to succeed.”

The new agreement will allow students in the SMCC business program to earn a degree in one of six areas, including accounting, marketing, international business, finance, management and human resources management. The business and fine arts articulation agreements follow on the heels of a similar SMCC agreement pertaining to the criminal justice major. The Saint Joseph’s College Strategic Plan calls for increasing the number of transfer students.

In order to transfer the students’ earned college credits, certain state and federal policies must comply, as well as institutional and academic program accreditation standards.

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