Our Growing Alumni Association

Todd Hamilton ’99, O.D.

I am excited by the progress our Alumni Association has made in a short amount of time. Over the past year, the Association has sponsored a number of new traditions where alumni gather and enjoy each other’s company: the Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Awards Banquet, a Welcome Back Cruise on Casco Bay, the Alumni Association Christmas Party and the Association-sponsored Ice Bar.

We have hired a new director of alumni relations whom many of you know as a fellow alumnus. Michael Bolanz ’00 has worked at the College for the past nine years, and he is committed to our Association and will continue to be a valuable asset as we move forward.

Along with the current on-campus students, we have formed the new student alumni association, Future Alumni of the Monks. FAM consists of highly talented student-leaders who understand the core values of the College and have already demonstrated their commitment to the future of the organization. Thanks to their high level of involvement, they provide valuable insight on the student experience at the College.

In the next few months we will take the next steps in building the Association by formally announcing the formation of the Boston chapter of our association. As we work to establish this group, I encourage anyone who is interested to contact me directly at thamilton@sjcme.edu.

Finally, we have established accounts for the Alumni Association and the Association’s Endowed Scholarship. Both accounts give the Association control over how money will be spent, and it allows funds to roll over from year to year, without having to be returned to the College’s general fund. Funds raised and donations accepted for each account will benefit the Alumni Association and its affiliates.

Over the summer, you will hear about the big changes that will move the College and the Alumni Association forward. I have witnessed some of these plans and can tell you that, as a community, you will be proud of the direction our College is taking. As alumni we are on the front lines of these changes, and together we can make our dreams and the dreams of future alumni a reality. As our network continues to grow, I encourage you to become involved, rekindle old friendships and create new ones. Invest in your education, and make a difference in the future of Saint Joseph’s College.

by Todd Hamilton ’99, O.D.
Chair, Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association

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