President's letter

President James Dlugos

Dear Saint Joseph’s Community,

We have now started the 101st year of Saint Joseph’s College’s legacy. During our first century, the world around us saw many changes, and those changes happened at an ever faster pace with each passing year. But when we talk about the legacy of the College, we’re talking about something solid, something we can count on over time. And as we prepare for the next 100 years, we can look forward to that legacy – of providing community outreach, academics that propel critical thinking and foster the leaders of tomorrow, and a worldwide network of alumni and friends who share the very values that the College was built upon.

This issue of Saint Joseph’s College Magazine continues to celebrate this legacy. Through its pages we see how the Mission and Core Values shine in our students, staff, faculty and alumni to this day, particularly in the many examples of how we provide community service to those in need.

And while these stories are exemplary, they’re also only the tip of the iceberg. Every day I witness the success, benevolence and creativity of those on campus and those far away, continually demonstrating the excellence of the College.

For the dedicated hard work and hospitality of our community, the College has recently been inducted into the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. This designation is the highest honor a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service learning and civic engagement.

It is fitting that the award was announced while many Saint Joseph’s students were participating in the 22nd annual Spring Break Workfest. As they volunteered their time, energy and group spirit at sites in Maine, New Jersey, Kentucky and New York, the nation recognized and celebrated this and everything else we do with this honorable declaration.

It’s amazing to think of 101 years of delivering higher education in the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy. It demonstrates the values of a Catholic education. And just as Catholic values bring peace to the world, Saint Joseph’s continues to provide opportunities for the students and alumni to exhibit their bigheartedness to local, national and global communities.

I am fortunate, in my position, to witness not only these acts of kindness committed by the Saint Joseph’s community but also the responses from those directly affected by these acts. As I meet with alumni, parents and friends of the College, I carry back to campus a sense of pride and humility for the work everyone performs. Stepping back onto the very College grounds that so many of us hold so dearly, I am compelled to think of our place in the changing word – that in the midst of everything else, Saint Joseph’s is a trusted, gracious friend to so many.

James Dlugos