President's Letter

Dear Saint Joseph’s Community,

At our Sebago Lake campus—greeted on one side by the second-largest body of fresh water in Maine, and on the other side the energy of Portland, Boston, and all points south—we see a lot of change.

Class rosters. Residence hall assignments. New friendships forming at tables in Pearson’s Café in the fall and in classrooms with online students each summer. The names of graduating students read to proud families and friends at Commencement, the culmination of students’ efforts, dedication, patience, and passions—or is this the culmination?

We are a community of lifelong learners. Our on-campus students continue the pursuit of excellence both inside and beyond the classroom that they began as high school students. And following Commencement, they attend graduate programs or enter fields of work where every day is an opportunity to continue learning. Our online students, most of whom are already in a career, come to us because they want to continue their education, to take that next professional step.

So while change is one constant at the College we can also count on the fact that as a group, our students and alumni are consistent in their devotion to their passions. We know that, for them, learning isn’t taken lightly nor does it take a day off.

This is a special issue of Saint Joseph’s College Magazine. It covers an impressive range of the skills, talents, and passions of our students and alumni—from emerging as leaders on campus, to turning personal hardship into an opportunity to help others to heal, to fulfilling a sense of purpose through service to country, friends, and God.

As we head toward another graduation, we are mindful that commencements are both endings and beginnings. Each year we share with our new alumni the feelings of accomplishment and pride that they so richly deserve. But we also hope that they will continue to be passionate about learning and about changing the world for the better—attitudes and commitments that had the chance to grow and flourish at Saint Joseph’s College.

James Dlugos, President