TALK with Renee Cyr ’07

Renee Cyr

An exercise science major from Madawaska, Maine, Renee Cyr '07 has created a sensation on campus - the wildly popular Dance Team. Last year, she won the Innovator Award on campus for helping to start the club, which moves to primarily hip-hop.

What's your earliest dance memory?

My mom and I used to dance to Mariah Carey in the living room. I started classes when I was 6. My mom loves to dance and she says ever since I was in her belly, I was dancing.

What kind of dance is your favorite?

I like jazz, hip-hop and lyrical. I'd say hip-hop is really my favorite.

How did the team come about?

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to keep dancing. I heard you could start your own club here ... so another girl who was always in the dance room and I put up posters. We had a meeting that 50 girls came to.

How many students are on the team?

We have 45. We actually have two teams, one that is more experienced, one with less experience.

Do you choreograph the dances?

Yes. I do it in my car. A few of the dances I learned previously, but tweaked them to fit our group.

In your car?

Yeah. It's a 6-hour drive to Madawaska ... I get in the "dance zone."

Do you like teaching dance?

Yes. The summer I graduated from high school, I started a summer dance camp in my hometown ... through the town "rec" program. I've been doing it every summer since then.

What do you like about dance?

It's beautiful ... the movements, the expression, the way dancers incorporate dance with the music.... It's so natural.

Where does the Dance Team perform?

We perform at halftime of the basketball games and we have a spring performance on campus.

Do you like to perform?

I love performing. I like to hear the crowd cheering us on.

Will you continue with dance when you leave here?

I want to open a dance studio when I graduate, either down here or up home.