In Celebration of 50 Years on the Lake

Alumni Memories

Saint Joseph's College, founded in 1912, moved to Sebago Lake in 1956

Cherished lovely setting

I even have a memory of my mother's memory of Saint Joseph's College. My
mother, Dorothy M. Flaherty Mahrt, graduated from St. Joe's in 1939.
She attended college at the Portland campus (Walton St., I think). She
used to tell me the following amusing story: Her fellow classmate,
Katherine Hines, who had a reputation for tardiness, arrived late to
class yet again! I do not know who the teacher was, but as the class was
to start the teacher asked the students to pray for the "late Katherine

I am the first daughter of an alumna to attend St. Joe's. I graduated in
1969 from the Standish campus. I have fond memories of walks through
the woods to the lake, walks around the campus in the quiet winter
landscape alone or with my roommate, Lynne Cormier. The scenery was like
something from a Currier & Ives print.

We cherished these moments of solitude and the lovely natural setting
among the woods, the lake and the paths across the campus. We would
frequently take a break to walk the campus and clear our heads or just
drink in the beauty of the surroundings. We found the natural beauty of
the campus to be restorative.

Pauline Mahrt Wilson '69
Kennebunk, Maine

Toll call across campus?

When I arrived on campus in the fall of 1986, Standish Hall was the newest building. When I went home for Thanksgiving break, O'Connor Hall was completed. Back then we picked up our mail where the present dishwashing room in the dining hall is located. We all stood in line, went up to the window and gave hall and floor and they checked to see if we had mail. Everyone in the dining room could see if you received mail.

Within the next few years, under the direction of Kevin P Kelly (KPK), we had mailboxes in the dorm (yes, dorm, not resident hall!) lounge where the cable TV was located. Standish is the first hall I remember having a VCR, which the previous residents had purchased for the hall.

Back then we were lucky to have a Brother word processor that would let you type your paper and then print it out, instead of the electric typewriter.

In the summer of 1990, we were wired for regular phones in each room and hooked up to Internet access. Until that time each hall had a pay phone and a ‘house' phone that was connected to the campus. I remember in my freshman year in Standish Hall someone went out the back fire door, setting off the alarm. For some reason the house phones were not working, so we had to call Security to come over and fix the alarm. Because the house phone was not working, we had to use the pay phone. The pay phone had a Windham exchange, which meant it was a toll call to call across campus!

In the past few years, as part of the GPS program, I have taken a few courses over the summer. To those of you who were on campus with me as an undergrad and have not returned in the past few years, I urge you to do so. You will be amazed at the terrific changes that have taken place.

Brian Griffin (aka J.F.) '91
Lynn, Mass.

One step at a time

I graduated with my BSN in 1997. As a freshman living in St. Joe's Hall, I met my first serious boyfriend on the steps of the dorm. One week later we were dating, and two years later we were engaged. My boyfriend (now husband of eight happy years) came to visit me on a Friday afternoon from Boston. It was not an uncommon weekend event for him to come up, if I couldn't make it home. He came to my dorm room in A Hall and told me Security stopped him at the the gate and said he needed to get a pass to park. I was confused because I had already cleared it with Security.

In 1956, Saint Joseph's College moved to Sebago Lake. (Girls wore stockings to class and backpacks were unheard of.) 

We trekked over to the Security office, located in the lobby of St Joe's Hall. I headed into the building first and held out the door for him and when he didn't take it, I turned around to see where he was. He was on his knees, in the snow, on the stairs that we met and told me from the first time he saw me there, he knew we were meant to be and wanted me to marry him.

We married two years later and now return as often as we can with our two daughters to visit the steps that we fell in love on. I will always remember SJC and the steps to St. Joe's Hall.

Annmarie Magnussen Manning '97
Carver, Mass.


I just wanted to add my memories of my experience as an alum of Saint Joseph's Class of 1987. I was not sure when I became a distance student that my education would stand up, so to speak, with more traditional college
experiences. Twenty years ago we were not completing assignments online or (using) any of the methods that I'm sure are deployed today. And yet this program was a challenge and a stimulating experience for me, and it let me continue to function in my job - something that many programs at the time did not offer.

My fondest memory was the on-campus residency. The setting was beautiful and even with taking classes, we had a lot of time for sightseeing and just having fun with the other people on campus from all over the U.S. I have not kept in touch with the people I met there, but I am always grateful for the opportunity of finishing my degree ... as it really allowed me to be promoted into management and I have never looked back! I hope you have a wonderful cele-bration this summer!
My best regards,

Marilou (Kohler) Barden, MA,RN '87
Tucson, Ariz.

Sheer romance

I attended St. Joe's from 1987-1991, graduating with a B. A. in Communications. My best memory of my four great years in Maine would have to be meeting my wife. I can still remember the day I first met her - August 30, 1987. After two years, we finally managed to begin seeing each other. I figured she was way out of my league and couldn't believe she would actually go out with me. After that we were inseparable, finally marrying in 1993. To this day, she has given me two beautiful daughters and is my best friend in the whole world. And I still can't believe she married me!

Mike Nelson '91
Milford, N.H.
Midnight at the oasis

The following is ... a memory I know countless students will have. I'm not sure how appropriate this is, but it's a memory, nonetheless: Midnight strikes. The shift at the gatehouse is over. At least 10 of us from class of 1999 and class of 2000 (who will all remain nameless) pile into three cars. Speeding down Whites Bridge Road, we see who can get to Dunkin Donuts first. One round of coolatas, bagels and donuts. Another round. 2 a.m. approaches. We head back to SJC campus, but the night is not over yet! We run to our rooms, grab flashlights and head down to Xavier Hall. We run down the small paved path, singing and yelling. Sebago Lake is in sight. The flashlights go off, and so do the clothes. SPLASH! Skinny dipping until 5 a.m! An experience of countless SJC students.

Heather Ferro '00
South Portland, Maine

Making fun

I have too many memories of St. Joe's to list them all, but when I went to college there (1980-1984), the campus was very different!! We didn't have the amenities you have now, but somehow, we managed to make the best of it and make our own fun!! The campus hangout was in The Chalet. We had many great times there with live bands and DJs and many nights ice skating under the lights with boom boxes and cocoa on the pond right behind The Chalet.

There was also the coffeehouse down over the hill from the cafeteria and times spent studying there. You could also find Mike from New Jersey practicing his dance steps there as well. (Did he ever end up on Broadway?).

The students did get into trouble from time to time for upsetting Sr. Eunice's bird sanctuary and illegal bonfires on the beach down over the hill, but for the most part, the fun was harmless.

There was also the great sliding on the hill down behind Xavier Hall! Also, in getting from the cafeteria over to the Townhouses A-D in the spring, you had to deal with the muddy path!! They finally paved it before we left, and the construction of the new library in 1982 with the new auditorium for those of us theatre rats, was very exciting!!

But, I guess the most precious memories were when our basketball team with Creeeeetch and the gang played in the "Chamber of Horrors." The floor was a bit gushy, but great for those of us cheerleaders who had to do multiple running roundoffs! The team spirit was top notch and having the dressed-up Monk roving around was always fun.

For classes, who could forget Father Nargai talking about Suzie in the Chalet and Sister Eunice! I can't remember all my professors' names, but I sure remember their faces.

It's funny what time does to us all! I need to get up to campus to visit and see all the new additions. Even though I live close by, I have been busy with a growing daughter and job and haven't been back in many years.

It's amazing what I have seen take place over the years in the newsletters you send! Keep up the good work and remember that there are special memories for each generation who attend St. Joe's and you are a part of it all. Perhaps my daughter will be able to attend in the future!

Martha E. Sumner '84
South Portland, Maine