Mary Anne Wallace ’63

On the waterfront: a ministry of presence

Mary Anne Wallace

The Seafarer's Friend is just what it says. Lonely sailors working the oil tankers and cargo ships for stretches of up to nine months can find friendship in port through this maritime ministry group. Mary Anne Wallace '63 manages the nonprofit's local office out of the Marine Trade Center on Portland's waterfront, where it provides care and compassion along with clothing, magazines, phone cards and just about anything else foreign crews need when they make it to port.

Her work directly supports the chaplain who actually boards the ships to spend time with the crews, but she also works closely with donors and volunteers. Her duties are varied, however, and last year at Christmas time, she helped to pack more than 1,800 gifts for the seafarers.

Wallace grew up fascinated by the sea and knew the names of all the Portland wharves, the Coast Guard cutters and the Casco Bay Lines boats. A school and college librarian for nearly 20 years, she is now happy to work near those wharves whose names she knew by heart. A serious student of Tai Chi and a volunteer for the Maine Writers Index, Wallace has never lost her passion for books. In fact, she has wonderful memories of Sister Stephanie's cultured and rich explanations of required readings for literature class - and of sitting in the Saint Joseph's library filled with a sense of "the luxury of reading."

Mary Anne Wallace
Portland, Maine
B.A. Saint Joseph's College, 1963
M.L.S. University of Maine, 1977
M.A. University of Southern Maine, 1993