Saint Joseph’s joins Yellow Ribbon program to help veterans pay for education

Saint Joseph's College is taking part in the federal Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. It provides educational institutions a voluntary opportunity to help fund the higher education of veterans whose expenses exceed the highest in-state public undergraduate tuition rate. Saint Joseph's and others are allowed to cover up to 50% of those expenses, and the Veterans Administration will match what the school offers. This financial assistance is offered to eligible veterans on a first-come, first-serve basis, no matter what stage of education the veteran is in. The funds will be offered as long as the student maintains satisfactory progress, conduct and attendance in school.

Eligible veterans are those who have served at least 36 months of active service after 9/11, were honorably discharged after 30 days of service after 9/11, or are a dependent of someone fulfilling the latter requirements, in which case they are eligible for a Transfer of Entitlement of the financial assistance.

In conjunction with the yellow Ribbon Program, Saint Joseph's will offer up to $7,500 per year of assistance through its grant or scholarship programs to each of up to 20 students.