Magazine readers give us feedback

This spring, nearly 600 alumni participated in a survey about the Saint Joseph’s College Magazine. The survey results showed that, among the 584 alumni who responded, 9 in 10 read every issue of the magazine (59%) or most every issue (29%) of the magazine. Three in four respondents also gave the magazine top ratings overall (4 or 5 on a 5-point scale). The vast majority (86%) read the printed version of the magazine.

When we look at what alumni look at most often, we see 82% enjoy alumni profiles and 81% enjoy college news. Reflecting the different populations that comprise the alumni base, however, more residential alumni than distance students always read the Class Notes (71% vs. 30%, respectively), or the alumni events (61% vs. 35%, respectively). Still, the majority of all respondents feel that the publication provides an important link between alumni and the college, with 71% agreeing that the magazine strengthens their personal connection to the college.

Participants were about evenly split between those who earned their degrees on campus (55%), and those who completed degree requirements through distance education (45%). Residential alumni respondents skewed younger than their distance/online counterparts (42% residential alumni were under 35, compared to just 5% of distance alumni). According to Brent Wooten, marketing director for Saint Joseph’s College Online, the age difference is really not surprising. “The average age of our online student is currently 45, so the demographic profile of the alumni population will reflect that.”

“The survey helped to validate that the magazine is important to alumni and helps to sustain a relationship with their alma mater,” says editor Charmaine Daniels. “I’m thankful to everyone who helped us out with the survey.”

As an incentive to participate in the survey, a drawing was held for three lucky respondents to win $50 L.L. Bean gift certificates. Congrat-ulations to the winners:

Cheryl Smith ’73 of Portland, Maine
Jim Sullivan ’87 of Westford, Mass.
Anne Campbell Hanson ’05 of Fonda, N.Y.

Thank you to all who participated. Your opinions are very important to us. And, you don’t have to wait for a survey to tell us more.