10 Ways to Help SJC

Active and engaged alumni are critical to the success of SJC. The college is fortunate to have so many alumni who care deeply about the institution, and there are many ways that SJC graduates, parents, and friends can help. Here are just a few ways:

  1. Stay informed: Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter; use the SJCME Alumni Association App; or join the newsletter and alumni event e-mail lists.
  2. Share your contact information so we can reach you & you can reach others! E-mail alumni@sjcme.edu, give us a call at 1-877-SJC-ALUM, or go to http://therock.sjcme.edu/alumniupdate.
  3. Speak highly of SJC – to prospective students, colleagues, prospective employers, the media, and if you live or work in Maine, your state legislators.
  4. Attend an alumni event.
  5. Make an annual gift in the SJC Annual Giving program to support students and faculty
  6. Volunteer to serve as a speaker in a class or for a student organization.
  7. Contact the Alumni Council for ways you can help the Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association.
  8. Make a referral in the Alumni Referral Scholarship Program in the fall or early spring semesters.
  9. Attend an athletic event for Saint Joseph’s either on campus or in your area.
  10. Help a student secure an internship or job.

Thank you for all you do for St. Joe’s!