New Alumni Benefit: CareerBeam

The college is happy to announce a new alumni benefit: free membership to CareerBeam, a self-guided online career center.

This free service includes assessments to help define each person’s best career path, resumé and cover letter writing tools, reference and thank you letter builders, interview preparation materials and videos, a job posting database from multiple sources, and social media integration to leverage contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to network and identify jobs.

Here are a few of the resources that you can now leverage to engage in your own strategic career planning and career development using CareerBeam:

  • Assessments and exercises combining into a Career Profile Report to help you define your best career path.
  • Resumé and cover letter tools that take you step by step through the process of creating accomplishment-based materials.
  • Reference and Thank You letter builders to see job search through to placement.
  • Interview preparation materials and videos to effectively present the value you bring.
  • The most updated job posting databases containing millions of jobs from multiple sources including internships, entry-level, professional and executive jobs. Using the databases, you can create alerts and find connections.
  • Social media integration allowing you to leverage your contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to network and identify potential positions.

To access this free alumni benefit, please visit
careerbeam. And please let us know how you like this new service.