President's Letter

President James DlugosDear Saint Joseph’s Community,

Our College is a dynamic environment. There’s the local population of students, faculty and staff, both on campus and online. There’s also an extended community, comprising thousands of alumni, friends, professors and others who still think of Saint Joseph’s as home. There are countless stories of success and exemplary tales of the College’s impact on the lives of others.

This July marked my one-year anniversary as president of Saint Joseph’s College. It’s been a transformative first year – not only for me but also for the entire College community. Every day, when I walk past the mission and values of the College that are inscribed on the entryway of Mercy Hall, I can easily see how these guiding principles are reflected here on campus and elsewhere by our community.

And my assumptions about the significance of Saint Joseph’s are correct: Our values- and person-centered, career focused and personalized education creates tomorrow’s leaders who work to better the world through an amazing array of careers and acts of giving.

This issue of Saint Joseph’s College Magazine celebrates that entrepreneurial and caring spirit. Our alumni continue to find ways to serve others that are just as relevant in the 21st century as any other time.

Nicole Ashton Rice ’13, our cover story, is one of the nurses who dedicated themselves to provide care to runners at the Boston Marathon. 2013’s race, her eighth time volunteering there, brought her face-to-face with the tragedy of the bomb attack. Confronted with the urgent need to care for the victims, she says this event brings her even closer to the reason why she first decided to become a nurse. Providing care for others alongside a team of nurses is part of her life’s driving force.

And alumni are reaching out virtually as well. Using social media, they are helping businesses gain a digital foothold, creating websites and social media accounts to brand and share companies’ profiles; they are motivating employees and college students through speeches and social media campaigns, reaching thousands of people; and they are sharing their experiences with personal hardships, giving rays of hope for others who are going through difficult times in life.

No matter how you look at it, Saint Joseph’s graduates are making an impact across the state, country and world.

May’s Commencement added more than 500 alumni to our community of leaders. I can only begin to imagine what accomplishments and contributions to the global community they will make in the next year and the years to come. It is a joy and privilege that guides everyone at Saint Joseph’s in our commitment to the students and alumni of the College.

James Dlugos