Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Student holding two test tubesBiochemistry explores the chemical processes that allow all living organisms to function and exist. As a biochemistry student, you seek a greater understanding of the basis for life – researching the how and why of cells and organisms. Biochemistry allows you to gain and improve your skills in both chemistry and life science.

Biochemists improve the lives of humans, animals and plants through research in some of the most significant and constantly expanding scientific fields, including genetics, medicine and biotechnology. As your knowledge of how chemical processes function on the cellular level grows, your study of biochemistry enables you to fill the demand of an ever-increasing need for biochemists.

A Bachelor of Science in biochemistry provides you with the foundation for careers in pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine, forensics and forensic pathology, fermentation science, biotechnology, and a number of other growing fields as well as setting the stage for graduate school.

Strengths of the Program

  • An encompassing curriculum that creates the most informed and practiced students
  • Solid groundwork for contributing to a growing field, through graduate and post-graduate research
  • Informed and comprehensive courses taught by expert faculty, not teaching assistants
  • Excellent preparation for pre-veterinary, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy and graduate school