Bachelor of Arts in History

student and professor talking democracy Students majoring in History learn the skills and methods of historical research, analysis, and synthesis. A major in History prepares students for entry into many different occupations: for example, teacher, professional researcher, archivist, information manager, campaign worker, foreign service officer, or even businessperson. At the same time, it is also a great preparation for advanced, postgraduate studies, like law school or graduate school. For more information, see Careers for History Majors-A miniguide from the American Historical Association.

The Bachelor of Arts major in History includes two semesters of foreign language study. Students majoring in History also are required to complete a 20-credit minor in another academic field.

Strengths of the History Program

  • Emphasizes skills in analytical thinking, evaluating evidence problem-solving, writing and research
  • Faculty published and respected in a variety of fields: military history, great generals of Civil War, great film directors, and Irish immigrants, to name a few.
  • Integrated secondary education minor preparing students to teach
  • Faculty develop mentor relationships with students
  • Broad-based understanding of significant historical periods

History Minor

A minor in History requires students to take 20 credit hours, including HY 101, HY 102, HY 208, and two HY electives.

In the news

Professor Michelle Laughran presents talk: “Extreme Shoes and the Promise of Excellence in Renaissance Venice.”

“Encouraging people to have a passion for learning, in any kind of way, is the most important work I feel that I do.” Read more about professor Michelle Laughran in the student newspaper.

Professor Mike Connolly interviewed on Maine Public Broadcasting Network on how the Irish immigrants shaped the city of Portland. Listen

The Irish on the Docks of Portland  (Maine History Online)