Progression in the nursing major

Students enrolled in the traditional track of the BSN program must follow the prescribed curriculum.

Students who receive less than a C+ grade (78) (no rounding up) in a nursing course may not progress to the next semester nursing courses until a grade of C+ (78) is achieved. Students must achieve a 78 average on test scores in nursing courses including the final exam, before other grades, such as papers, projects or nursing care plans, are averaged in. Students may only repeat a nursing course once. Failure to successfully complete on the second try, at any institution, will result in dismissal from the program. Students who need to repeat three nursing courses will be dismissed from the Nursing program. Any student who achieves a grade of less than 73 prior to fall 2007 and less than 78 after fall 2007 in three NU designated nursing courses will be dismissed from the Nursing program.

Additionally, nursing students must maintain a C- grade (70) in PY101 and SO 201 and a C (73) in EH 101 (College Writing). Students who receive less than a C- grade in PY 101 and SO 201 and less than a C grade in EH 101 are required to successfully complete these courses before beginning junior level courses. Also, nursing students must maintain a C- grade in BI 201, BI 204, BI 205 and CH 105. Effective with the Class of 2012 students must successfully complete science courses before beginning sophomore level nursing courses. If the student is unable to successfully complete these required science courses as stated, they may request 5-year status from the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing if they wish to continue in the Nursing program. These courses may be repeated only once if recommended by the Department Chair. If courses are taken at another accredited institution, a minimum grade of C (73 or 2.0) must be achieved (College policy).

If a student fails to achieve a 78 (C+) or better in theory but passes clinical, the student will only need to repeat the theory portion of the course. The student may take the theory portion at another accredited nursing program if the theory portion is comparable to the SJC course . Nursing courses taken at other institutions must be passed with a 78. Prior to enrolling in a non-SJC nursing theory course, the student must seek approval from the Chair, who will determine the appropriateness of a course for transfer. If a student passes theory but fails clinical, the student may retake clinical with an appropriate SJC faculty member. This opportunity is contingent upon the faculty member being available for supervision. The student will need to pay tuition for the clinical as well as pay a fee for the faculty member for each day of clinical. Before a student can progress to spring semester, the student must pass both theory and clinical in fall semester clinical courses (e.g. If a student fails NU 301T but passes NU 301C, the student must pass NU 301T, before progressing to NU 304 T, NU 304 C, NU 390 T and NU 390 C). The student is required to take all NU designated courses for the first time at the College. If student retakes and fails, the student will be dismissed from the program. If a student fails two nursing courses in the same semester that have a clinical component, the student will need to retake both the theory and clinical components of those courses.