Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

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The major in philosophy enables you to think critically, ask essential questions, and discover fundamental truths about human life and existence. As a philosophy major, you will study philosophical issues in their historical contexts. The major prepares you for entry into many different occupations and is particularly suited to careers in teaching, law, government and foreign service and politics.

Students majoring in philosophy often choose a double major in English, history, psychology, science, sociology, or theology. The Bachelor of Arts major in philosophy includes two semesters of foreign language study. Students majoring in philosophy also are required to complete a 20-credit minor in another academic field.

Strengths of the program:

  • Particularly strong in the area of history of philosophy and ethics, both of which grapple with enduring questions of human life.
  • Ease of combining the major with a professional major, enabling you to incorporate greater critical thinking and writing in such careers as business and medicine.

Philosophy Minor

A minor in Philosophy is available and requires students to take a 4-credit course in Philosophy and Ethics and 16 credits in electives.