Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

a student speaks with a professor during office hoursThe major in Political Science will prepare our students to understand basic principles of this discipline, with a special focus on four main divisions in political theory, American government, international studies and public administration. Upon completion of the requirements of this major, our students will be better prepared for continued study at the graduate level in political studies, law or several of the related areas well served by this academic foundation.

These studies provide the necessary background for careers such as those in teaching, research, public administration, the non-profit sector, journalism, law, international service, affairs or business, government or elective office, and public service. Political science is as old as the Athenians and as current as today's newspapers, yet its study, especially in a democracy such as ours, serves to inform those who will be taking over positions of power and responsibility in the very near future.

Political Science Minor

A minor in Political Science is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.

Meet Courtney Hoffses, vice president of the political science club

Courtney Hoffses '12“The political science club tries to educate and bring awareness of political happenings to students. Things that are going on in the news are very dense so we take that information and process it in a way that is more interesting for students. ”

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