Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The major in Sociology provides students with an understanding of human society, social relationships, and group behavior. Students majoring in Sociology learn the field's theoretical concepts, analytical skills, and research methods. Field experiences are an important feature of the major. The major in Sociology is a strong foundation for professional careers in social service and welfare agencies, geriatrics, criminal justice, or for graduate study. The Bachelor of Arts major in Sociology includes two semesters of foreign language study. Students majoring in Sociology also are required to complete a 20-credit minor in another academic field.

Sociology Minor

A minor in Sociology is available and requires 20 hours of course work.

Gender Studies Minor

A minor in Gender Studies is also available and requires 20 credit hours. 

Strengths of the Sociology Program

  • Prepares students for their careers through service learning opportunities
  • Full-year internship in senior year
  • Key academic tools necessary for graduate study
  • Dynamic, dedicated faculty experts in various fields
  • Students are challenged to read, critically think, write and articulate ideas and insights
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring is the norm

Department wins Award

Sociology Department receiving Maine Campus Compact AwardCongratulations to the Sociology/Criminal Justice Department, which has been chosen to receive the President’s Leadership Award from Maine Campus Compact. The department is being recognized for contributions to community service, service-learning and civic engagement.