Alumni Profiles

Over the years, we've seen many of our beloved majors go on to enjoy tremendous success after graduation. These alumni profiles offer us the opportunity to proudly showcase some of our recent graduates and to demonstrate just some of the myriad ways in which a Theology major can be put to good use out there in the "real world."

As you can see, some have chosen to further their education. Our theology majors have gone on to top-notch graduate schools throughout the country, from Boston (Andover-Newton, Boston College) to Seattle (Seattle University). Others have chosen to dive right into the job market--in several instances, landing positions well before their program was even completed!

Our alumni are currently employed in the fields of secondary education, youth ministry, retreat and counseling services, social work, diocesan programming, hospital chaplaincy and ordained ministry. Others apply their theological training to more diverse fields, such as business, criminal justice, journalism and broadcasting. Beyond their career choices, most also devote their time and efforts to a variety of volunteer and service activities through a wide array of non-profit organizations and church ministries. In all these ways, our alumni are making a positive difference in the world--and inspiring others to do the same!