Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Publishing

Prepare for your future as a writer or editor with a major in writing and publishing. Whether for in-house publications, like reports and newsletters, or for the broader audiences of newspapers, magazines, websites and books, a key to success in publishing is an insightful study of genres and markets. As a writing and publishing major, you will familiarize yourself with the demands, complexities and highlights of the writers’ world through classroom-based and off-campus investigation.

Exploring print and digital markets will expose you to many different kinds of audiences and rhetorical goals, and you will hone your writing skills toward each. This includes studying linguistics to deepen your understanding of the English language’s ability to entertain, inform and sway readers. The writing and publishing major is your ultimate opportunity to get the most relevant and significant experience needed for a career in the ever-changing world of publishing. Students prepare for careers in newspaper and magazine writing, Web editing, public relations, book publishing, and many more professional areas.

Strengths of the Program

  • Career-focused exposure to a wide range of writing genres, audiences and markets 
  • First-hand experience in identifying markets and submitting material for publication
  • Internships with leading area publications
  • Rigorous combination of writing, linguistics and literature courses to develop practical, hands-on expertise
  • Actively publishing faculty experts


Writing and publishing graduates are prepared for writing careers in:

Newspapers and magazines
Corporate in-house publications (e.g., newsletters, bulletins, newspapers)
Technical writing
Editing and proofreading
Web editing
Marketing and advertising
Public relations
Book publishing
Institutional advancement and alumni relations