Mercy Service Corps

This group is made up of students who are performing community service sponsored by the Mercy Center. Some students fill Federal Work-Study positions, some are working toward AmeriCorps or other scholarships, and some are strictly volunteers who have a passion for community service. The Service Corps functions as a unit with similar goals. We will meet as a group from time to time for orientation, training and reflection. Each member is assigned a particular project/partner for the year and is responsible for arranging a regular weekly schedule for service. All workers must be van certified or have a vehicle to bring other students to their community partner (the service site). Service Corps members are expected to recruit and host new volunteers at their site. They also help with major service events throughout the academic year.

AmeriCorps Education Award Program

  • “AmeriCorps Ed Awards” include a variety of service-scholarship programs. Though details vary from program to program in general these typically involve 300 hours of service in a one-year period and pay over $1000 at the end of service in the form of a voucher which can be applied to tuition at college or graduate school.

  • Applications are now open for NEW AmeriCorps opportunities! Contact Kathryn at x7794 if you're interested in "Great Strides", working with youth in nearby rural areas, or the "Multilingual Leadership Corps", helping people learn English.

For more details about how you can use the Segal Education award please visit the AmeriCorps website

Federal Work-Study Program

  • Full- or part-time matriculated undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need; priority is given to previous participants

  • Generally ranges from $1,000 to $1,500

  • Up to four years of full-time study with similar financial need and satisfactory academic progress

  • FAFSA required by priority deadline for full consideration

Work study and other student employment positions, handbook, etc are updated in August & early September for the coming year. Openings are posted at

For more information see the US Department of Education website.