College launches online program in Catholic health care leadership

May 26, 2009 Contact: Charmaine Daniels at (207) 893-7723 or e-mail

Saint Joseph's College of Maine announces a new online graduate program in Catholic health care leadership to be offered as a concentration within the Master of Health Administration degree or as a certificate in Catholic health care leadership.

The Saint Joseph's College program combines cornerstones of healthcare leadership with theological course work to benefit administrators and department managers who want to advance their career and provide leadership in Catholic health care organizations.

More than 10 percent of acute care hospitals and more than 2,000 other types of health care organizations, including specialized residential and care homes, are under Catholic auspices in the United States. Because Catholic tradition informs their delivery of care and services, the graduate program offers a foundation in the Church's social traditions, which ensure the life and dignity of the human person - and their networks in the family and the workplace - as well as protecting the poor and vulnerable. It also educates students on the Church's healing ministries that combine technology, skill and caring for the mind, body and spirit. Catholic health care organizations combine the social and healing traditions in a unique way, and the new program will ensure that lay leaders in Catholic health organizations have a strong foundation in these two core traditions.

"The Catholic Health Care Leadership program at Saint Joseph's College of Maine will prepare committed leaders who are knowledgeable about the special nature and characteristics of Catholic health care," according to Becky Urbanski, a senior vice president at Benedictine Health System.

Similar to other courses offered in the Master of Health Administration programs, all courses are offered online, every course begins once per month, and optional summer courses on campus help students accelerate their studies. Students associated with dioceses that have signed agreements with Saint Joseph's College will receive application fee waivers along with a tuition reduction for each online course.

For more information, visit or call the graduate admissions office at 800-752-4723.