Nathan Domingue '08

After graduating SJC in December of 2008 (precisely three days later) I entered the academic world as a substitute Religion teacher at Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket Rhode Island for two Freshman classes and three Junior classes. I will not li--it was quite a shock going from finals to teaching five classes. I remember that even though I had graduated I was seeking advice from my former professors on how to approach a topic and they gave me some excellent advice which was most helpful.

My Freshman students were studying the Old Testament and my Junior students where studying Christology. I greatly enjoyed these subjects and was surprised to see myself reflecting back on some of what was taught to me during my time at St. Joe's. I would constantly return to my notes and my textbooks and find ways to use those materials to enhance the learning environment for my students.

In February, the teacher I was covering for returned and I moved on to my next assignment in that school, which was teaching some of the Eighth Grade Religion classes and serving as Campus Minister. This really challenged me because I needed to rethink my approach to Religion and find ways to make the classes interesting for my new (and younger) students.  As Campus Minister, I also have much that I look forward to, including a service trip to Arizona where three teachers and I will be taking thirteen students to work on Native American reservations.

I cannot thank SJC enough for preparing me in my field and the professors who took the time to help me outside of the classroom. They have made an impact on my life and help me to get to where I am today. The Theology department at SJC offers many unique courses that are extremely useful and have benefited me and my professional career. I will never forget "Faith and Film" and how MaryAnn Sheridan recommended to me a set of books that I still refer to today and use in my own classroom to help my students better understand a particular topic of faith. To me, I could not have felt more prepared for the professional world and am extremely grateful for SJC for preparing me for it!