Christine LaBranche '04

During my senior year at SJC, I worked as a full time public safety dispatcher for the Buxton Police Department in Maine. I continued in that field beyond graduation in 2004 and later became a full time patrol officer in 2006 for Buxton PD (11th BLETP graduate of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy).  In 2008 I was hired as a patrol officer at the Westbrook Police Department in Maine, and in November of 2009 I was promoted as the Domestic Violence and Juvenile Crime Investigator in the criminal division.

In my short time as both a patrol officer and an investigator, I feel my Theology degree has allowed me to view social situations in a compassionate light. I feel obligated and energized to sort situations in a non-biased approach to obtain that ultimate public safety goal. I love the fact that I can act now as both a "social worker" by helping people solve family problems along with the excitement of acting quickly to stop immediate and not so immediate threats to others and myself.

I have found a career based on service and leadership that works for me/others and I will always take with me Theological virtues and teachings I have learned while I studied at SJC. I have heard some criticism about my career choice after majoring in Theology, but I feel that the virtues and values I learned have stayed with me and made me the person--and the cop--that I am today. The possibilities continue to be endless...