Hilary Twaddel '06

After I graduated, I spent one year in Guatemala as a volunteer for Partners in Development (a non-profit organization based in Ipswich, MA).  For PID, I wrote an English curriculum for children in grades K-6. I taught at the school in the mornings. I also assisted the volunteer construction and medical teams that came down to Guatemala from the US to build homes and provide services in PID's health clinic.

Following that, I worked at Sweester in the Crisis Stabilization Unit as a Relief Youth and Family Counselor II, CRMA, and MHRT-1.  I currently work at Spring Harbor Hospital in the Developmentally Disabled Unit as a Behavioral Tec II, Psych Tec II.  The Developmental Disorders Program is the only hospital program in Maine where children with a developmental disorder, such as autism or mental retardation, can receive intensive treatment for aggression, self-injury, impairment in functioning, and mental health challenges.

I love my job now! It is really hard for kids with special needs (such as autism) who also have disorders that make it so that they are unsafe in the community or to themselves and need help. Not many places will help kids who are not high functioning. Some of our kids are nonverbal as well and that adds another challenge to it.