Accounting major Shelley Duplisea

Shelley DupliseaWhat do you like about St. Joe's?

My favorite part of St. Joe's is the size. It is small, which means students can have a strong relationship with their professors. Professors here know each and every one of their students and what their strengths and weaknesses are. They go above and beyond to help their students succeed and reach their fullest potential. Another nice part of it being a small school is the sense of community you feel. People are always friendly and most students get involved in either clubs or sports or other activities on campus.

What specifically do you like about your major?

Being an accounting major at St. Joe's, I think I will be fully prepared for whatever job I have once I graduate. I think I have a good chance of finding a job after graduation because accounting opens opportunities for many different jobs. Professor Bond was a great role model and a great professor. He knew all of our potentials and pushed us to do the best we can. He was always open to questions and was always available for helping us with anything we need, including helping us find internships that fit our personalities.

What's great about student life here?

There are so many opportunities for people to get involved. There are a lot of sports teams, intramurals, clubs, etc. These activities are a great way to meet new people and a great thing to add to your resumé! Most students are involved in several different activities.

Where did you intern last year? How did your classes at St. Joe's prepare you for the internship?

Last year I interned at Woodfords Family Services as a finance assistant. This was a paid internship and gave me so much experience. Before my internship ended, they asked me to stay on as an employee and I accepted. I am still working there and I enjoy it. Since I started my internship as a freshman, I didn't have many classes under my belt when I started. The few classes that I had taken did benefit me in many ways. My Intro to Management and Intro to Marketing class taught me a lot, and they were both really interesting classes.