Student-curated art show displayed on campus

Students from art professor Chris Sullivan’s spring 2013 colloquium course have transformed the College into an art gallery for the summer. Coordinated by five students, The Blue Frame show presents 23 original works of art submitted by students and others associated with the College. The exhibit includes photography, ceramics, prints, mixed media and paintings. It will be on display in Mercy Hall and in Wellehan Library through the month of August.

The show’s organizers are:

Yu Ping Hu ’15, curator
Jacob Downing ’16, graphic design
Vanessa Jones ’15, registrar
Nate Winter ’16, preparator
Elizabeth Dragoni ’14, PR

Yu Ping Hu explained the premise behind The Blue Frame exhibit in the curatorial statement.

The Blue Frame welcomes many artists to express creativity through different art mediums in relation to the blue frame. The exhibition brings artists of various backgrounds (faculty, students, and friends) together to share the joy of art with the community.

The Blue Frame emphasizes the importance of problem solving. Problem solving is a critical skill for artists as they encounter dilemmas in the art-making process and must work around these obstacles without losing the initial messages and values. The blue frame places a set of limitations on the art-making process; working within these limitations sparks new ideas that might never ignite under normal conditions. These limitations soon become opportunities as artists find ways to create art that incorporates the blue frame using a variety of media, such as photography, pottery, pencil drawing, and painting. Ultimately, the blue frame serves not to limit the artist, but to develop and showcase each artist’s creative spirit.”