Meal Plans

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All students will be enrolled in Plan A at the start of the semester. First-year students are required to remain in Plan A for their first year; all other students have until September 15th to change their meal plan.

With all our plans you can frequent Pearson’s Café as many times as you like in a day, week or month, until you're total number of meals are used up. All plans permit you to bring one guest at any meal period, into Pearson’s Café. Your Flex Dollars can be spent at Pearson’s Café,  Pearson’s Market or the Chalet.

Plan A

19 meals per week + $50.00 Flex Dollars per semester (Best value and mandatory for freshmen)

Plan B

12 meals per week+ $150.00 Flex Dollars per semester

Plan C

5 meals per week + $500.00 Flex Dollars per semester

Flex Dollars

  • Redeemable at all food service locations
  • Add flex dollars to your card over the phone at the Pearson’s Café office or at any cash register.
  • Purchase $100 in Flex Dollars and receive a 5% bonus

Commuter Plans

  • Redeemable at Pearson’s Café
  • Purchase 20 anytime meals for only $170.00
  • Meals good during board plan only
  • All meals are non-refundable.
  • Student ID card required for all Meals and Flex Dollar Spending

The rates below indicate the door price to Pearson’s Café’s all-you-care-to-eat dining.

Breakfast    Lunch     Dinner

$8.00           $9.00      $10.00

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