Science of Survival Summer Camp

Science Island Extreme: Science of Survival Summer Camp

A Co-ed Summer Camp for Rising High School Juniors & Seniors, July 26 - August 2

Science Island Extreme Summer Camp Offers

  • An individual and hands-on learning experience
  • Accommodations in Saint Joseph’s College residence halls; genders separated by floors
  • On-campus cafeteria dining
  • Swimming and kayaking on Sebago Lake
  • Three college credits
  • Transportation to and from the Portland Jetport

An Education in Adventure

The nationally renowned faculty members of Science Island Extreme, in conjunction with Saint Joseph’s College, City of Portland’s Fireboat division and military survival experts, will lead high school juniors and seniors through a six-day, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Science Island Extreme Summer Camp teaches students how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are used in survival training. Students participate in training sessions and hands-on instructions that integrate STEM’s core knowledge with physical challenges in an educational and fun curriculum. The results: earning insight into the real-world application of STEM concepts, and three college credits.

The Experience

Science Island Extreme is not just about teaching; it is also about experiencing. Students will use their scientific knowledge in a real-life survival environment – a mock shipwreck and rescue simulation on deserted Little Chebeague Island in Casco Bay. Under the supervision of camp staff, students will challenge themselves to find food and water, build a shelter, care for group members and discover ways to collaborate on rescue techniques. Camp faculty working in collaboration with the Portland Fireboat will operate a rescue training exercise on the island.

“Science Island Extreme will be an exciting opportunity for those people who are able to participate. I wish there had been an adventurous study possibility like this when I was in college. I look forward to joing those lucky students chosen to be on the island this summer for this exciting study challenge.”

— Bob Crowley, Survivor Gabon

“The Science Island Extreme summer school in Maine USA to which Dr. Jonathan Hare contributed was an outstandingly successful and novel educational initiative enabling bright young people to develop valuable survival skills with the aid of hands-on scientific techniques. There is no doubt that this initiative will be copied around the world and so serve as an inspiration to the next generation of young people giving them the experience which will enable them to make the wise decisions needed to solve the coming problems of sustainabilty and survival.”

– Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1996