The Director of Public Safety reviews and publishes the parking regulations annually. 

These policies exist for the benefit of all those who operate a motor vehicle on campus. Violation of these policies is harmful to all, and can result in parking fines, loss of parking and driving privileges on campus and/or further disciplinary action.  The current parking regulations for both students and faculty/staff can be accessed by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Permission to operate and park a vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the College, and may be suspended and/or revoked for any cause.

Vehicle Registration

Unfortunately, online registration is not currently available.

In order to register your vehicle and receive your parking decal for the year, please come to the Public Safety Office with the following:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Current Student ID Card 
  • State Issued Vehicle Registration 
  • Current Proof of Insurance


There is a one hundred dollar ($100) fee for student parking, which is billed directly to your account once a decal is issued to you. This fee will not be pro-rated by date of issue.

Faculty/Staff Parking

Faculty and staff members wishing to register their vehicle should print out the registration form (below) and bring it to the Public Safety Office along with their registration, proof of insurance, valid driver's license and SJC ID.

Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration Form
Faculty/Staff Vehicle and Parking Policy

Appealing a Ticket

To appeal a parking ticket, fill-out the following form and return it to the Public Safety Office within 7 days of the issue date on the ticket (appeals will not be accepted after the 7 day period):

Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Please note, also, that tickets issued for parking in any 15 minute "loading" or "visitor" space or in marked handicapped spaces may not be appealed.

Lot Designations

First Year Resident Students

  • Ball Field Lot
  • Spaces behind Saint Joseph's Hall not reserved for Faculty/Staff and Visitors

Upperclassman Resident Students

  • Alfond Center Lot (Rows 4 and 5 ONLY)
  • Ball Field Lot 
  • Carmel Lot 
  • Feeney Lot 
  • Cunneen Lot 
  • Currier Lot 
  • O'Connor Lot 
  • Row between Mailroom and Saint Joseph's Hall 
  • Service Building Lot (3 rows to left as you enter from main gate)

Commuter Students

  • Any student parking listed above (First Year and Upperclassman Parking)
  • Alfond Center Lot (Row 6)


  • Ball Field Lot
  • Alfond Center Lot (Rows 1, 2, and 3 ONLY) 
  • Xavier Lot
  • Service Building Lot (6 rows to right as you enter from main gate)
  • Row between Mailroom and Saint Joseph's Hall
  • Spaces on Heffernan side of road
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