Counseling Center Services

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy or counseling is one alternative for many personal, interpersonal and academic concerns. Talking over and exploring issues in a relaxed, confidential setting with a professional is frequently helpful. The psychologist or social worker and the student work together to define and discuss personal issues and to reach mutually agreed upon goals.

Substance Abuse Assessments

Counseling Center staff is available to meet with students to discuss concerns related to alcohol or other substances. Most often the goal of this work is to help students reduce negative consequences associated with their substance use. Usually an assessment involves two meetings, as well as the completion of several questionnaires.

Couples and Family Counseling

Couples/Family counseling is available on a limited basis for students when their issues seem related to their primary relationships. In this approach to treatment, the couple or family meet with a clinician who assists them in identifying problem areas and in developing more effective ways of communicating and interacting.

Consultation Services

Sometimes it is helpful for students, faculty, staff and administrators to consult with Counseling Center staff about a student for whom there is concern. Such consultations can be either by telephone or in person.

Prevention and Educational Programs

The Counseling Center offers training and presentations to campus groups. Frequently requested topics include depression, stress management, improving academic skills, assertiveness training, expressing and managing anger, etc.

Emergency Services

The Counseling Center provides crisis intervention for individuals, as well as in situations that affect the larger campus community. Emergency contact during regular office hours can be made either by phone or in-person by coming into the Counseling Center. Staff provides on-call telephone coverage after hours and on weekends during the academic year when classes are in session.