Tar Sands and environmental and economic sustainability petition

Saint Joseph’s College is a major stakeholder in the Lakes Region Community, occupying one of the largest shorelines on Sebago Lake. As a faith-based institution of higher learning, we are committed to cultivating an ethic of environmental stewardship within our campus community and the region as a whole. Our concerns extend to the well-being and welfare of our children and of future generations.

We remain committed to setting an example of environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices by our own actions and by supporting our community through outreach and providing our expertise and resources.

We, the undersigned members of the Saint Joseph’s College community, are opposed to the transport of tar sands oil through the Lakes Region. Local concerns include the threat of a spill in the Sebago Watershed that would dramatically impact the foundation of our economy and our quality of life. We stand in solidarity with the citizens of South Portland who are working to develop a waterfront protection ordinance specific to tar sands and to develop a feasible plan for the economic growth and prosperity of their community. We also stand with communities such as Otisfield, Raymond, Casco, Bethel, Bridgton, Harrison and Waterboro who are considering or have already passed protection resolutions on this issue.

Furthermore, due to our concerns about the global impacts of the destruction of habitat and a critical carbon storehouse, as well as increasing atmospheric carbon pollution, we are also opposed to continued tar sands extraction in the boreal forest.

June Irvine
Mike Connolly
Nelson Peters
Carolyn Plant
Kathleen Sullivan
Stuart Leckie
Colin Gordan
Amy Rady
Dora Rosen
Suzanne Murphy
Nancy Kristiansen
Daniel Eskey
Donna Cote
Lisa A. Jaques
Andrea Vianello
Michelle Laughran
Camilla Fecteau
Jonathan Malmude
Brian C. L. Shelley
Victoria Viera
Lauren Rabideau
Mark Hibben
Beth Auger
Yvonne Berry
Johan Erikson
Allisha Yandian
Nhu Vo
Alyssa Peterson
Nicole Ouellette
Melinda Aubin
Cynthia Andrews
Patricia Brackett
Alicia Labrie
Whitney Adell
Aliyah Gregory
Danielle Cembruch
Kiley Morgan
Emily Godfrey
Amanda K. Brown
Rebecca Engstrom
Amelia Connolly
Akossiwa Akossiwa
Maria LIberti
Michelle Rocker
Paige McKenzie
Danessa MacDonald
Amada Cortellino
Casidee Couture
Paife Fournier
Nehemie Cimea
Jameson Collins
Robert Baker
William Soper
Danny Fitzgerald
Alex Halper
Jordan Roberge
Mariah Hebert
Darrian Lewry
Scott Doman
Mariah Plummer
Victoria Woodward
Emily Godfrey
Ashley Furbush
Brook Deshais
Andrew Merlino
Raven Riendeau
Amanda Tarlow
Caoimhe Lee Rose O’Shea
Kimberly Post
Katrina C. Hoop
William Yates
Greg Teegarden
Michele Aronica
John W. Zerillo
Tom Hancock
Antony Girlando
Marion Young
Marilyn Sunderman
John Hufstader
Mary Rose Becker
Shannon Simpson
Heather Eaton
Jeff Merrill
Brittany Roy
Steve Bridge
Jason Peters
Doe Leckie
Lauren Noury
Julia Walsh
Rose LeBlanc
Jaimee Thibodeau
Greg Lambert
Connor Corrieri
Catherine Jones-Fortin
Aprille Hibbard
Ashley Fratto
Megan McLaughlin
Erin Dodge
Allison Emond
John Holly
Allison Perrin
Sarah Hignett
Stefanie Martel
Melissa DePlanche
Anne Fougere
Jeanne Gulnick
Lucas Bernacki
Michelle Scribner
Karen Shea
Holly Braley
Shradha Miller
Greg Durgin
Anne T. Packard
Genevieve Foley
Clint Chandler
Kathryn H. Cody
Shaun Young
Eric Young
Margaret Landry
Taylor Chiumiento
Courtney Keenan
Victoria Oliva
Katelynn Vanags
Sara Vickery
Vittoria Spada
Michelle Stansfield
Chelsea Fitzgerald
Laura Toolin
Jaclyn Porcello
Andrew Bonneau
Scott Fuller
Laura Roy
Natalie Aylward
Krista Ethier
Izaak Mills
Marisa McCray
Peter Hughes
Molly Hook
Carley Denis
Lynne Robinson
Sherrie Winton