Finance & Administration Policies

Contracting Policy

Authority to enter into any contract on behalf of Saint Joseph’s College is reserved to the President and to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Further delegation of authority to other College employees may be made, as provided in this policy, or by written authorization of the President or CFO.

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Credit card, Expense reimbursement, Cash advance, Check requests and  Rental car policy

General comments

Receipts are required to substantiate all credit card purchases, expense reimbursements, cash advances, and check requests. If there is no receipt, the employee will be responsible for the amount of the charge if a College credit card was used, or will not be reimbursed if on an expense report.

For IRS purposes, restaurant receipts for meals attended by College employee(s) and/or guests must include the name(s) of the individuals present, their business relationship, and the business purpose (i.e. Relationship - consultant; Purpose - potential donor).

Itemized hotel/motel receipts are required. The credit card receipt alone will not be accepted. Items of a personal nature such as movie rentals, personal gifts from the hotel/motel gift shop, or the in-room bar are not considered to be College expenses and are deemed the responsibility of the employee, unless the business purpose is properly documented (refer to paragraph above: "For IRS ...").

The Treasurer’s Office processed checks every Friday. To meet the Friday deadline, all Cash Advance, Check Request, and Expense Report forms must be received by Friday of the previous week.

College Credit Card

The cutoff date for statements issued on Saint Joseph's College Visa credit cards is around the 27th of each month. When the statement is received, it should be carefully reviewed and a Corporate Credit Card Expense Report must be completed.  Receipts for all charges must be attached to the Corporate Card Expense Report along with the statement.  All documents must then be submitted to the department head for signature and authorization to pay.

The approved Corporate Credit Card Expense Report and attached receipts should be submitted to the Treasurer's Office within 20 days after receiving the monthly credit card statement.

College credit card purchases for personal items/services are not allowed (with the exception of some hotel/motel charges. Refer to the "General Comments” section). These costs are to be reimbursed to the College by the employee. Reimbursement must accompany the credit card statement when it is submitted to the Treasurer's Office for payment. Failure to remit amount due with the statement will result in revocation of the credit card.

College business related charges not substantiated with a receipt will be the responsibility of the employee and will be due to the College.

The credit card must be turned in to the Treasurer's Office upon resignation/termination of employment.

Expense Reimbursement

Expense reports must be accurately completed with dates, descriptions, amounts, subtotals, totals and proper codes. Expense reports require receipts for each item on the report with the exception of mileage. The mileage rate used to calculate mileage reimbursement when personal vehicles are used for College business will be in accordance with IRS guidelines, and the Treasurer's Office will provide this rate. When College owned vehicles or rental vehicles are used for College business, the employee will be reimbursed for the actual purchase price of the gasoline. The purchase must be substantiated with a receipt. Expenses not substantiated with a receipt will not be reimbursed.

Expense reports must be signed by the individual submitting the report and signed and authorized for payment by the department head.  Expense reports submitted to the Treasurer’s Office with any missing information will be returned to the department head.

Expense report forms can be found at the top of this page.

Cash Advance

Cash advances are restricted to student life and athletic events.

Student Life cash advances must be submitted on a "Cash Advance Request" form. These forms may be obtained in the Treasurer's Office. The Cash Advance Request form must be properly completed, coded, signed by the individual requesting the advance, and signed and authorized by the department head. The request should include the reason for the advance, the date of the event/purchase, and, in the case of an event, the sponsoring group or organization. This form is to be returned to the Treasurer's Office within seven (3) days after the event along with any unspent portion of the advance.

Athletic coaches requesting cash advances, to be disbursed to athletes for meals when traveling to and from athletic events, are required to have each student athlete sign a form acknowledging receipt of the money. This form is to be returned to the Treasurer's Office to be attached to the original cash advance request within seven (7) days after the event along with any unspent portion of the advance. The Athletic Department has its own form designed specifically for travel cash advances. A standard Cash Advance Request form is not used and no expense report is required.

Any individual or department requesting a cash advance who has not submitted to the Treasurer's Office receipts/documentation for a prior cash advance will have their request denied until such time as the receipts/documentation for the prior advance are received.

Check Requests

The only time a Check Request form should be used is when there is no vendor invoice, registration form, or other form of remittance advice.  Check requests must be properly completed to include the date the check is requested, the person or vendor to whom the check should be made out, the amount, the proper code, and the business purpose.  Check Request forms must be signed and authorized for payment by the department head.

The check request form below will allow you to type in the information (please click on the typewriter icon to enable). After filling out this form, print it, obtain the appropriate signatures, and forward to A/P.

Check Request form

Policy and Procedure for Employees Renting Vehicles for College Business

All employees renting a vehicle for College business must use the corporate KeyBank Mastercard to rent a vehicle. Mastercard provides up to 31 consecutive days of car rental insurance automatically when you use the KeyBank Mastercard to pay for rentals. It also provides the individual with $250,000 in Travel Accident Insurance in case of death or dismemberment at no charge to you or the College. Accordingly, there is no need to elect to obtain insurance through the car rental company for all domestic (in the United States) car rentals. (This Policy does not apply to car rentals abroad. It is required that all employees renting vehicles abroad purchase liability insurance at the time of the rental).