Small Steps...Great Strides

small steps...great strides video coverSmall Steps ... Great Strides walks us through the visual history of Saint Joseph's College from its origins as Saint Joseph's Academy in 1912 through 1956 — when the campus was moved to the shores of Sebago Lake — to present day 2006.

Set against a backdrop of cultural images and music from the five decades and using archival photographs and video, interviews and reflections, Small Steps ...Great Strides highlights the milestones of the College during this period and the challenges faced — with "courage and hope" or Fortitudo et Spes — by the Sisters of Mercy in the College's transformation.

Running time: 63 minutes.
Produced and Directed by John Hufstader
Narrated by William Yates
Audio by John Hufstader & William Yates
Written by John Hufstader, Sr. Mary George O'Toole & William Yates
Edited by John Hufstader

DVD Copies

Full-length DVDs can be checked-out from the Heffernan Library on campus. For other arrangements, contact Sr. Mary George O'Toole at 207-893-7708 or email