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Brian Higgerson2018-08-01T13:39:36+00:00
Brian Higgerson
Brian Higgerson
DNS, University of Tennessee
MSN, Mississippi University for Women
BSN, Union University

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Brian Higgerson is an instructor for the online family nurse practitioner program at Saint Joseph’s College. His teaching background focuses on preparing advanced practice nurses to manage acute and chronic health care needs of patients in primary care settings, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention strategies. He possesses an eclectic and broad practice perspective as a family nurse practitioner. His practice experience over the past decades focused on serving the needs of non-insured community residents. Presently, he practices as a family nurse practitioner in a community health clinic serving uninsured residents in Tucson, Arizona. His program of research focuses on maternal/infant birth outcomes as well the health promotion strategies for residents living near the US-Mexico border. He is particularly interested in exploring the clinical relevance and practicality of evidence-based standards for underrepresented populations.