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For many years, Fecto worked in the field of social work in both Connecticut and Maine. As a social worker, she worked as a Case Manager for what was then referred to as the CT. State Department of Mental Retardation, a domestic violence hotline/support/child advocacy worker, a Director of the Susan B. Anthony Rape Crisis Center and a host of other positions. Upon moving to Maine in 1990, she completed her Master's degree and worked for the State of Maine as both a Child Protective worker and a Family Reunification/Adoption employee. Later positions included a Child Mental Health worker for Child Development Services, a Suicide Prevention worker and a Crisis Support person for a Crisis Stabilization Unit. Since that time, she has been employed by the College teaching Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and Human Development. She is also a professional editor and proofreader.

Growing up Elizabeth Fecto was a child "poet" who was often published in local/school productions. Living in Connecticut, she enjoyed the usual rural outdoor activities and had a close knit group of friends. She always loved the coast of Maine and that is where you will find her now. In her spare time Fecto is a creative writer and is passionate about reading, as well as, being a grandmother.


Author of the children's book SHISH...the Brave Little Starfish