Joan B. Flagg-Williams
Joan B. Flagg-WilliamsAssociate Professor, Education Department
PhD, University of Connecticut
MEd, University of New Hampshire
BA, Goucher College

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Joan Flagg-Williams’ teaching philosophy focuses on the growth and development of students, with an emphasis on a positive and inclusive classroom attitude. She promotes a respectful setting where students develop skills in their field of study and where they flourish as people. She believes in encouraging lifelong education and personal reflection on one’s teaching and personal life.

Professor Flagg-Williams’ research has earned her publications in a variety of journals and numerous conference presentations. A major area of research for her is classroom sound field amplification. In addition, she specializes in child study, literacy, differentiated instruction, autism, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and children’s literature. Dr. Williams is a nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP) and holds certifications in New Hampshire for k-8 teacher, special education teacher, and reading/writing specialist. She has worked in public schools, residential schools, and community-based programs, and has over 10 years experience teaching at the college level.

In her spare time, she is a facilitator of an after-school writing club for fifth grade, an advisor to the Student Education Association of Maine (an SJC student club for education majors), and is active in state-wide network of faculty who teach literacy in Education programs in Maine.


National Association of School Psychologists, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Maine Association of School Psychologists
Council for Exceptional Children
Association for Positive behavior Support
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
International Literacy Association
New England Reading Association

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