Margaret Riordan
Margaret RiordanOnline Education Faculty
PhD, New York University
MA, DePaul University
BA, Marquette University

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Meg Riordan is the Director of External Research at EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning), a K-12 education organization that partners with districts and schools across the country. Meg is the co-author of Going to Scale with New School Designs: reinventing high school (Teachers College Press, 2009) and numerous journal articles and blog posts that focus on teachers’ professional learning, deeper learning equity, and assessment practices to support all learners. She is a former middle school and high school ELA teacher.

In her spare time, she enjoys running in ultra-marathons: Mountain Madness 50K Trail Run,Can Lake 50K, and Stone Cat 50 Mile Run.


National Council of Teachers of English

American Educational Research Association

Association for Experiential Education


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