Nancy Kristiansen
Nancy KristiansenOnline Business Programs Director, Planning & Administration Coordinator, Center for Sustainable Communities, Associate Professor
MS, Suffolk University
AS, Mount Wachusetts Community College

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Nancy Kristiansen began her career during high technology’s infancy, growing with the electronics industry as a quality improvement and technical training/writing consultant. Her leadership experience in corporate training and development, coupled with her interest in lifelong learning led to a master’s degree in Adult & Organizational Learning from Suffolk University. Since that time, she has held multiple instructor certifications and partnered with several training institutes to build her consulting practice, started in 1998. Clients have included such diverse organizations as ACT Manufacturing, Evaqua/US Filter, Winston Flowers, Cirtronics Corporation and Harvard University. In 2004, Nancy joined the faculty at Saint Joseph’s College and was a co-creator of the distinctive Leadership MBA program for which she served as lead course developer and faculty member. Since 2010 she has held the position of Online Business Program Director at the College and has applied her experience and passions for leadership and sustainability in service of the Colleges’ strategic plan. She currently serves the college as co-director of the Center for Sustainable Communities and chair of the All-College Governance Effectiveness Committee. She also serves as chair of the executive board of Maine’s Pinetree Section of the American Society for Quality.