On March 19, you and other members of the Saint Joseph’s College community have the opportunity to come together and make a powerful impact on the future of the College.

During this 24-hour giving challenge our goal is to raise $56,000 in recognition of the Sisters of Mercy moving the college in 1956 to Standish. Like the college’s move to Standish, this is an exciting day because it provides alums, parents, and members of the SJC community a variety of ways to be engaged. This particular date was chosen because it is the Feast of Saint Joseph. What better way to celebrate the college’s namesake then by building support for Saint Joseph College students!

“It is the endorsement of such people that renews the essential courage which our community must have in this momentous project if it is to succeed and succeed it must”
Mother Mary Evangelist on the moving of the College to Standish, ME

Together we can make #SJCShine

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