On March 19, you and other members of the Saint Joseph’s College community came together and made a powerful impact on the future of the College.

THANK YOU to the SJC community! You made our first annual Giving Day a success!

During this 24-hour giving challenge, our goal is to raise $56,000 in recognition of the Sisters of Mercy moving the college in 1956 to Standish. Like the college’s move to Standish, this is an exciting day because it provides alums, parents, and members of the SJC community a variety of ways to be engaged. This particular date was chosen because it is the Feast of Saint Joseph. What better way to celebrate the college’s namesake than by building support for Saint Joseph College students!

Together we can make #SJCShine

Day-Long Challenges

Alumni Board Challenge
UNLOCKED! Thank you to all on campus & online alums who helped push us over the edge.
If 100 alumni give any amount, to any area, the Alumni Board will give an additional $750 in support of Saint Joseph’s College’s first annual giving day. They can’t wait to see SJC Shine!

Go MonksChallenge
Go, Monks, Go! Almost there, if anyone can succeed, it is the Monks!
If 200 supporters give to the Athletics Department on Giving Day, Board Members Will Fuller, Todd Hamilton, and Bob Zilg will give an additional $5,000 to support SJC student-athletes and to help make SJC shine!

Family Challenge
UNLOCKED! Thank you to all the families who showed your support for your SJC student
If 100 parents or family members give any amount, to any area, Matt Ginnetty will give $2,000 in support of SJC’s first annual giving day. Give in honor of your student and all they have accomplished here!

Faculty and Staff Challenge
UNLOCKED! With over 60 Faculty & Staff givers, we have reached our goal!
If 56 faculty and staff members give any amount, to any area, Board Member Bob Zilg will donate an additional $2,000 in support of the faculty and staff that make up this great community.

Hourly Challenges

Mid-Day Study Hour(s)
From 11am to 5pm, if 56 supporters give to the SJC Scholarship Fund, Board of Trustee Chair Meredith Tipton will give an additional $1,000 towards Giving Day!

Answering the Call
During Phonathon from 5pm to 8pm, Board of Trustee member Bob Zilg will be matching dollar for dollar all gifts given over the phone for Giving Day to SJC students and supporters!

I Support SJC!
Thank You For
Getting Involved on Social Media

“It is the endorsement of such people that renews the essential courage which our community must have in this momentous project if it is to succeed and succeed it must.”
Mother Mary Evangelist on the moving of the College to Standish, ME