Spring 2016

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4 Ways to Pitch in as Parents

New Beginnings
At the start of the fall semester, Paula Foley and Rand Currier dropped off their son, Joe Divico, at Saint Joseph’s for the first time and experienced a pang familiar to all parents of freshmen: Would he make friends? Would he do well in his classes? Would he like it here? They needn’t have worried. “We held our breath until first semester grades showed he was doing fine,” says Paula. “He had friends, he was comfortable, and by the time Christmas break was over he had his bags by the door ready to head back to Maine.” 


When Joe Divico accepted Saint Joseph’s offer of admission, the College gained a talented freshman, plus two parents eager to support their son’s future alma mater.

From the start, Paula Foley and Rand Currier of Weymouth, Massachusetts, were big fans of Saint Joseph’s. “We feel this incredible sense of family and belonging here,” says Paula. “It’s a great community.”

They were further impressed by the vision for Saint Joseph’s future as laid out in President Dlugos’s strategic plan. “It’s a really exciting time to become involved,” says Paula. “It’s an honor to be included at the launch of such a critical phase in the school’s development.”

Rand agrees. “We want to help,” he says emphatically. And they are, here’s how:

Become College Ambassadors

Paula and Rand are actively involved in Parents Association activities, hosting gatherings for prospective students and families in the Greater Boston area and participating in campus events.

Lend Strategic Support

Paula serves on the Mission Aligned Business Committee, which is charged with identifying resources to support the College’s goal of enhancing and diversifying its revenue stream.

Offer Internship Opportunities

Rand plans to work closely with the College to coordinate student internships at his company, Granite Telecommunications, located in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Help Raise Funds

Invited to join the new Parents Leadership Council, Paula and Rand are helping the College meet its fundraising goals by donating and educating others on the impact giving can have.

Parents Welcome

Parents are encouraged to contribute in any way, at any level. In Paula’s words, “I’m hoping that other moms and dads who have an interest will get involved. There’s an open door here—and parents are an asset!”

For more information on how you can participate as a parent, contact Michelle Howard, development officer, at mhoward@sjcme.edu.