Summer 2016

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Online Students Study Away

By Dr. Patricia Ireland, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Study away opportunities are not just for traditional on-campus students anymore—at least not at Saint Joseph’s College. In July 2015, Online Theology inaugurated a study away program that blended online learning with a week on location in Rome, Italy. The course, Ancient Roman Martyrs, brought students’ book learning alive through visits to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Catacombs, and the Colosseum, among many other sacred sites. Online students came from all over the US and even Africa, for in-person intellectual engagement and fellowship on the spot where the Christian martyrs lived and died.

In 2016, a class traveled to Rome to study historical Christianity, and in 2017, Online Theology plans to offer two study away opportunities: one in Europe and another in New York City studying sacred art and architecture, with visits that include St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Ignatius, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Cloisters.

Following the lead of Online Theology, other programs may soon offer study away experiences for their online students, too.