Winter 2016-17

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Career Conversations

Bryan Foley ’94 and Diane Atwood ’77 shared insights with students about their careers in communications in September. 

At Saint Joseph’s College, we believe in lifelong learning. That’s why our Connections program, under the direction of Beth Richardson, begins the moment students step on our campus and serves them through the many stages of their lives. As part of this program, alumni generously participate in the Career Conversations program, a series of alumni panels focused on specific career paths.

Professionals from business, nursing, exercise science, and many other fields have generously shared their career stories with students, and created invaluable networking opportunities.

Other aspects of the program include Connections stipends––one-time grants of up to $2,000, which are available to all students who have attained 60 credits, typically by the time they are juniors. The stipends are meant to offset travel and work expenses related to experiential learning experiences such as study abroad or unpaid internships.

This fall, 44 alumni from near and far came to campus to participate in Career Conversations. Our sincere thanks go to:

Diane Atwood ’77
Janeen Lapierre ’86
Bryan Foley ’94
Amanda Hart ’07
Amanda Hutchins ’07
Brendan Stapleton ’07
Tyler Arsenault ’08
Jillian Bolanz ’08
Scott Desrosiers ’08
Nicki Hicks ’08
Joe Schacht ’08
Sarah White ’08
Andrew Farley ’09
Michael Hebenstreit ’09
Andrew Kosiarski ’09
Brian Lever ’09
Andrew Paladino ’09
Joe Crocker ’10
Danielle Goulet ’10
Ashley Brandes ’11
Sarah Gordon ’11
Tyler Kelly ’11
Crystal Wiley ’11
Megan Brennan ’12
Krystine Cuddemi ’12
Victoria Frankl ’12
TJ Garske ’12
Justin Gelinas ’12
Lauren Hagerman ’12
Sarah Marshall ’12
Holly Polk ’12
Beth Anderson ’13
Zachary Smith ’13
Faith Abraham ’14
Cassie Theriaque ’14
Colby Houdlette ’14
Abby Young ’14
Lisa Costello ’15
Chantel Cote ’15
Melanie Edson ’15
Dalton Eldridge ’15
Sofia Shahid ’15
Meghan Weed ’15
Dejan Varagic ’16

If you’re interested in being part of a Career Conversation, please contact Beth Richardson, Director, Career Development: 207-893-6636 or


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