Annual Constitution Day Symposium

September 17 marks the anniversary of the adoption of the United States Constitution by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. We pause each year to celebrate the Constitution as the cornerstone of our democratic republic. We also reflect on how current political trends live up, or fall short, of our founding Constitutional principles. Saint Joseph’s College will host the annual Constitution Day Symposium.

This year’s Symposium will focus on the controversial policy known as “civil asset forfeiture”. Civil asset forfeiture involves the seizing of assets or property by law enforcement of individuals suspected of criminal activity. Individuals must prove their innocence in order to have seized assets returned. Civil asset forfeiture has increased dramatically over the last decade. A recent Washington Post investigation, for example, reported that over $ 5 billion in assets seized through federal asset forfeiture helped fund the US Department of Justice in 2014.

A panel will debate and discuss the merits of civil asset forfeiture in law enforcement and its impact on our constitutional republic. Please join us!

-Ray Mosca '19, Political Science

-Will Hardiman '19, Political Science
-Dr. Dale Brooker, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
-John M. Burke, Esq., Caseiro Burke Attorneys at Law and Adjunct Professor (Criminal Justice)

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National Constitution Center:

Library of Congress:


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