The six aspirational goals outlined in Sustaining the Promise articulate particular outcomes that align with the vision for Saint Joseph’s future. The first goal is foundational and the other five support and interconnect with it.

Saint Joseph’s College will be recognized as an exemplary, 21st-century, Catholic, liberal arts college in the Mercy tradition.

Acknowledged as leaders in educational program design and delivery, learner-centered education, and contextualized learning. Within the framework of our Catholic identity, our liberal arts orientation, and our Sisters of Mercy heritage and tradition, we will become an institution of distinction.

Goal 2

Saint Joseph’s College will be recognized as a diverse, multigenerational learning community.

Enhanced by a diversity of perspectives in terms of age, life experiences, gender, economic, geographic, ethnic and racial considerations.

Goal 3

Saint Joseph’s College will be recognized as a highly evolved learning community.

Characterized by a deep appreciation for and use of a wide range of learning practices that are individual, unit, and community focused.

Goal 4

Saint Joseph’s College will be recognized as a “learning destination.”

Widely known both for the context of our educational programs and for the ways these programs are conceptualized, designed, and delivered.

Goal 5

Saint Joseph’s College will be financially sound.

Positioned to respond in any given budget cycle to an increasingly volatile higher education marketplace, inspiring confidence within and beyond the College community.

Goal 6

Saint Joseph’s College will be recognized as a “Best Place to Work.”

Recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our faculty and staff through our governance, personnel policies, opportunities for growth, and compensation plans.